Professional 3D Digitalization

In 3D digitalization a comprehensive point cloud of several million measuring points is generated by sampling the surfaces of solids with an optical or laser-based scanner without contact and with a high degree of precision. A digital three-dimensional model of the object is created by STL triangulation. The main advantage of 3D digitalization using optical metrology, compared to conventional tactile measuring techniques, lies in the efficient, flexible acquisition and visualization of complete components of all sizes.

On the basis of the data obtained in this way, we offer further work steps in the creation of target/actual comparisons, reverse engineering, / STL data sets, form and location evaluations, initial sample test reports according to drawing specifications and parametric CAD design with SolidWorks.

At StaabTEC we make available with strip light projection and laser scanning two optimum, innovative processes for the digitalization of your component or object.

GOM Scan 1 is an option for 3D Digitalization

Digitalization by strip light projection

The 3D digitalization through strip light projection is based on a triangulation procedure with an extremely high measuring accuracy. In this, light stripes are projected on the object to be recorded, which are measured by a sensitive high-speed camera from different angles, in order to obtain high precision 3D coordinates for each pixel.

Equipment and software with the strip light projection method

Software strip light projection

  • CometPlus
  • GOM Inspect Suite
  • ZEISS colin3D

Digitalization by laser scanning

With laser scanning, the 3D digitalization is done by scanning the surface with a laser beam. This is reflected by its surroundings and picked up by an optical receiver. In this way, several hundred thousand 3D coordinates are generated per second in real time. Thus, even large objects, such as industrial plants can be digitalized quickly and efficiently. A further advantage is the precision fidelity with shiny or reflective surfaces such as chrome-plated objects, precious stones, etc.

Equipment and software with the laser scanning method

Laser scanning software

  • GOM Inspect Suite
  • T-Scan PLUS LV
  • PolyWorks
  • ZEISS colin3D
  • ZEISS Reverse Engineering