Measuring device rental

Among the customer-tailored services we offer, is the rental of measuring equipment. The main reasons why it would be worthwhile to rent a measuring device instead of buying it, are obvious. You save tying up your capital and can instead invest your budget in other areas. You also have the option to generate capacity on a project-by-project basis or to evaluate the purchase of a measuring device by previous test runs to ensure that your planned investment corresponds to the requirements and work processes in your company.

Whichever case applies to you, we can help you with a suitable rental package.

We offer these high-performance measuring instruments for rental

The following measuring devices can be rented. For example, we will provide you with the appropriate software for your field of application, tripods or controlled rotary tables are available. In addition, it is possible on request to provide a short training course at your premises or, if necessary, detailed training.

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Types of rental devices

  • GOM ATOS Q 8M or 12M
  • ZEISS T-SCAN hawk 2
  • ZEISS T-SCAN 20 with up to 20m³ tracking volume
  • ZEISS T-POINT hand-held