Target-actual comparison

For industries and sectors which work to low manufacturing tolerances, we create a target-actual comparison, in order that deviations of production and original data (e.g. CAD files) can quickly and accurately be determined so that you are able to visualize and analyse them. Thus, you can minimise position and shape tolerances within the production process and your manufacturing processes can be optimized.

On the basis of the measurement data obtained from the 3D digitalization, we create an STL file of your component, which is transformed and aligned in a common object coordinate system with the original data used in the production process. With state-of-the-art software the difference of each one of the several hundred thousand measurement points recorded per square centimetre from the target contour can be calculated and the colour compared, as well as numerically visualized.

Example of target-actual comparsion with GOM Inspect Suite

Software target-actual comparison

  • GOM Inspect Suite
  • Steinbichler INSPECTplus
  • Geomagic Control X
  • PolyWorks
  • Nodal Pointmaster

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